We are all in for multi-day celebrations in amazing locations! A combined 30 years of experience in event planning and production management, our team is known for our stylish and sustainable event designs, often inspired by nature and interesting architecture.

With a caring and kind approach during the entire wedding planning journey,  our compassionate and engaged event specialists take care of each and every detail needed to bring your wedding experience to life, whether at your home destination, or your chosen experience abroad.

Feel like VIP guests with us- simply sit back and enjoy the celebration, crafted just for you.

We're an
event planning and design firm,
celebrating love in style.
based in canada.

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“Your wedding should be one-of-a-kind, with the fine details managed by your qualified team, while you soak in all the special moments!

I love authentic celebrations; those created with intention and meaning - venue type; photography style; surprises for your guests; speeches presented in a way that moves you to tears; lights illuminating your favourite specialty desserts; or perhaps a dance floor enhanced with pops of energetic colours. Crafting moments that represent you makes your wedding feel like the perfect celebration.”

Ashley is a certified planner & designer with the Wedding Institute of Canada. With a B.A. in Psychology and a post-graduate certificate paired with 15-years in Project Management roles, she is an advocate of streamlined planning and great design, creating memorable experiences that save her clients’ valuable time, simplify planning and capture their unique love story.

Ashley Davidson


"We would choose Ashley 100 times over for our wedding... She has a genuine love for this career that she has chosen and it shows." - A&A

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Ashley Davidson, CEO & Creative Director. SoHo, New York City, New York

Operating at the highest levels with all our interactions with clients, vendors and guests.

professionalism & excellence

We lead with a passion for art, beauty and connection, that work together in harmony. 

creative design

Choosing sustainable materials & methods such as biodegradable compounds are preferred where possible to help minimize the carbon footprint. 


our values

Blackhurst Photography

Whether you are interested in one of Canada’s many destination wedding locations, a private chateau in France or a sunny villa over-looking the Aegean sea in Greece, one thing is clear – you will need a team of trusted professionals to make it all happen.

Once we connect with you and understand your vision, we get to know your style and personality, then our team works meticulously behind the scenes to create your perfect wedding day.

We have dedicated hundreds of hours to researching, networking and connecting with service and venue providers at home and abroad to give you the best selection available, all while you sit back and relax, dreaming of the incredible day soon to be here. 

Weddings aren’t just about the planning and coordination, 

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your style

True style and custom designs are more than colours and theme. Patterns from your heritage, meaningful moments of your relationship, or your favourite flavours brought into the cuisines served can personalize your wedding. Your destination chosen in honour of a family ancestor, or perhaps the place you fell in love  – all of these elements combine to create a true reflection of your relationship; of who you were when you first met, your journey together and who you want to be as a couple in your future together.

"They are humble, yet absolutely brilliant in their design work and we honestly couldn't have had our dream wedding without them. Hiring Ashley and her team was one of the best decisions we've ever made. - S&D

"We felt so supported as we navigated planning and wholeheartedly trusted Ashley with each decision. The team is meticulous and thinks of every little component of the day." - M&J

it's about the experience

Marissa and Joel at Sanctuary Gardens in British Columbia. Photo by: Tara Peach Photography

Shellly and Dominic in a modern designed Taiwanese Tea Ceremony.  Photo by: The Wild Vow

stephanie & trevor

Ashley helped design and plan our wedding, and she made sure that every little detail was in order for the day! We really enjoyed Ashley's creative eye and how she was able to pull together all of our wishes in to one cohesive design, and execute everything without any hiccups. 

"Ashley and her Modrn team are AMAZING!"

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Marissa & Joel

Ashley and the Modrn team planned our wedding in September and we could not recommend them enough! They were absolutely amazing. So professional, knowledgeable and lovely to work with. When I say our day went off without a hitch, I mean it. 

"We truly felt like we didn’t have to worry about a single thing."

Alex & Janet

"The Modrn team also work tirelessly behind the scenes during the day-of to coordinate everything and you almost don't realize that they're even there because they're so good at what they do. My wedding went so smoothly and flawlessly and it was all made possible by Modrn."

"The best money you will spend for your wedding, period."