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Your choice of Toronto wedding venues is easily one of the most crucial choices in wedding planning to set the stage for your entire celebration because everything from the wedding décor to the experience your guests will have is affected.

With its diverse selection of beautiful event spaces, Toronto is in a class by itself. Here’s a closer look at your options when it comes to truly memorable Toronto wedding venues.

Diverse Wedding Venue Options in Toronto

Toronto is home to a wide variety of beautiful historic landmarks, picturesque natural areas, and stunning event spaces.

Private Estates: Intimate and Exclusive

First, private estates are ideal for couples seeking a balance between impressive and intimate. Estates-style venues offer beautiful vistas and picture-perfect spaces with customized experiences to style your wedding. With this, consider guest entrance points, loading zones and lighting as a few key checks for your private estate wedding. A few of our favourite estate-style hired Toronto Wedding Venues include Graydon Hall Manor, Arlington Estate, Roseville Estate, Harding Waterfront Estate, The Cape, Paletta Mansion, and Parkwood Estate.

Skyline Romance: Rooftop and Skyline View Venues

Secondly, Toronto is famous for its stunning skylines and breathtaking panoramic vistas, any one of which makes a genuinely unique backdrop for a wedding.

Above all, rooftop and skyline Toronto wedding venues offer couples the versatility to set an exciting tone for their event.

The best part? Watch the sunset over the lake and behind the buildings, for a luminous glow that all your guests can enjoy. Some of our favourite rooftop and skyline venues include 1Hotel Toronto, Canoe, The Globe and Mail Centre, Bisha Hotel, The Broadview Hotel, Lavelle, and Malaparte.

Nature’s Embrace: Outdoor and Garden Venues

Thirdly, the appeal of an outdoor wedding is high, especially outside the city of Toronto. A few outdoor locations include Mississauga, Oakville, Prince Edward County, Niagara-on-the-lake and Muskoka. Similarly, breathtaking scenery, ideal lighting, and plenty of fresh air provide the perfect accompaniments to a day steeped in romance and natural beauty.

Toronto wedding venues located in natural settings offer spaciousness while facilitating an intimate feel. With this in mind, choose from a few of our favourite venues with outdoor spaces, including 124 on Queen Hotel and Spa’s The Gatehouse or Willowbank; Elora Mill Hotel and Spa; Whistle Bear Golf Club; Harding Waterfront Estate; and JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa and many more. Looking in the city? Try Evergreen Brickworks, or Toronto Beach Club, for instance.

Under the Starry Sky: Tented Wedding Venues

Lastly, tented wedding venues offer flexibility by protecting from the elements and any unfavourable weather occurrences. As a perfect blank slate, couples can choose any style theme to set the desired tone. For example, transport your guests to a far-off destination with your choice of decor, or use the natural setting as inspiration by incorporating the scenery.

Source: Graydon Manor Hall Website
Source: Mount Alverno Website

Tented venues are great for romantic fairytale mood lighting, with flexibility for design, location, and general feel. Private estates can offer a great option for a tented wedding. However, some of these beautiful venues already have a tent installed and ready to design: Graydon Manor Hall; Casa Loma’s Glass Pavilion; The Belcroft Estate Tent; or Mount Alverno’s The Conservatory and Pond Terrace.

Choose the Right Toronto Wedding Venue

A professional wedding planner takes a lot of the guesswork and stress out of the planning process. With valuable creative insight and organization skills, the right planner can find and secure the right venue for you. In addition, we will coordinate with the best service providers for your style and budget.

It is important to remember that a professional wedding planner takes a lot of the guesswork and stress out of the planning process. With valuable creative insight and organization skills, the right planner can find and secure the right venue for you. In addition, we will coordinate with the best service providers for your style and budget.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing your venue:

  • Capacity and Size: Are you planning a small, intimate wedding or an epic party? How many people will be in attendance?
  • Location and Accessibility: Ensure the venue you choose is adequately accessible to all of your important guests, as well as select a location that fits your desired style.
  • Style and Theme: Remember, your choice in Toronto wedding venues sets the tone for much of your event, so imagine how the backdrop will appear and the mood it will set.
  • Amenities and Services: Practical amenities like audio-visual equipment, seating, and catering options can make or break how appropriate a particular venue may be. What is most important to you to include for your event?
  • Budget Considerations: What are the venue’s rates for the size and type of wedding you’re planning? Our wedding planning team will assist with finding the best option for your budget.

In Conclusion

To summarize, the right choice in Toronto wedding venues can help transform your wedding day into the most memorable day. Likewise, the right wedding planner can ensure everything is picture-perfect.

The Modrn Company can help you ensure every detail is in place and that your event is truly one of the best days of your life. Get in touch with us today and let us know what you are envisioning for your event!

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Ashley helped design and plan our wedding, and she made sure that every little detail was in order for the day! We really enjoyed Ashley's creative eye and how she was able to pull together all of our wishes in to one cohesive design, and execute everything without any hiccups. 

"Ashley and her Modrn team are AMAZING!"

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Ashley and the Modrn team planned our wedding in September and we could not recommend them enough! They were absolutely amazing. So professional, knowledgeable and lovely to work with. When I say our day went off without a hitch, I mean it. 

"We truly felt like we didn’t have to worry about a single thing."

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"The Modrn team also work tirelessly behind the scenes during the day-of to coordinate everything and you almost don't realize that they're even there because they're so good at what they do. My wedding went so smoothly and flawlessly and it was all made possible by Modrn."

"The best money you will spend for your wedding, period."

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